Throughout the year, Moonstar actively engages in charity events of various scales to ensure we stay in close connection with our community. Every holiday season, Moonstar finds a way to give back, especially to those who face a lot of difficult challenges in life. This holiday season, we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with St. Augustine Church to support those in need in our neighborhood. From now until 12/13/2017, please bring in socks, gloves, and/or scarfs to Moonstar, and please make sure they are new or in good condition.  St. Augustine Church will help distribute them to the needy. To further keep the needy warm, Moonstar will also donate a hot meal for every donation received. This will help keep them warm, inside and out. The more you donate, the more hot meals we will donate. Let’s work together to enrich more lives. Let’s make it a warm Christmas together.




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